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jointpop credits


Here are some of the people who have contributed to the jointpop cause in some way or another.



Gary Hector - Vocals, Guitar

Damon Homer - Guitar

Gerard Rajukmar - Drums

Graham Granger - Bass

Libert Carimbocas - Sax, Flute

Geary De Souza - Percussion


Additional Musicians:

Corey Wallace - Bass

Rene Coryat - Drums

Brent "Jimbay" Thomas - Percussion

Andre Tanker - Harp

Jake Smith - Guitar, Keyboard, Percussion, Drums

Sean Bartholomew - Keyboard

Ken Baptiste - Keyboard

Skies - Keyboards

Mike Ross - Guest Vocal

Ataklan - Guest Vocal

Cathy Ella - Guest Vocal

Natalie Yorke - Guest Vocal


Behind the Scenes:

Jake Smith - Producer (exile, baby)

Lord Expressor - Producer (PoS Style)

Sean Poland - Recording Engineer (PoS Style, exile, baby)

Eric Michaud - Recording Engineer (PoS Style)

Sean Bartholomew - Recording Engineer (PoS Style)

Chris Camacho - Sound Engineer (1996-1999)

Giles - Sound Engineer (2000-2001)

Walt Lovelace - Video Director (After half past nine, Urgent)

Wolfclan (Pen Dragon, Lycos) - Video Directors (The New Fast Food)

David Wears - Photographer

Abigail Hadeed - Photographer

Damian Gill - Photographer

Dexter Banfield - Trini Band Promotion

3 Imaginary Boys - Antipop


exile, baby release:



The Astral Garden

Ataklan - La Belle Rossette

Mike Ross - I Never Promised you a Clothes Garden

Cathy Ella - The Great Pop Swindle

Andre Tanker - 122345-544321

Sonya Dumas - La Belle Rossette (Dance)

Krysta Law - The Bride



Dion Camacho - Lighting Manager

David Dyer - Show Manager

Gabrielle Camacho - Stage Manager

Sean Poland - Sound Engineer

Giles - Asst. Sound Engineer

Nicholas Ng Fook - Guitar Technician